How KIABI explored Scandinavian startup ecosystem and got inspired to build an internal innovation lab


Leading French fashion brand KIABI was looking to explore new business models and technologies to transform the fashion retail experience.


To help KIABI cultivate a new outlook on innovation, Connect by Startup Guide organized a 5-day learning journey in Scandinavia for the French retailer’s executive management team where they got to connect with an array of interesting innovators in their industry. Here’s an overview of what KIABI’s team got to see, do and experience during the learning journey:

Went on a series of tours held at Scandinavia’s hottest innovation hubs, like SingularityU Nordic, Pier47, Valtech, IKEA, Space10, Norrsken House and Ingvar Kamprad Designcentrum.

Had face-to-face meetings with a curated selection of startups relevant to KIABI’s business and industry.

Saw stimulating presentations about innovation strategies and trends by Rainmaking, David Gram (of Lego fame) and Easysize, to name a few.

Had workshops to discuss the most important takeaways about innovation and how to apply these learnings to their own business after the journey ends.


Inspired by our customized learning journey in Scandinavia, KIABI launched its own innovation lab.

Who we are

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